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Webmaster's blog

There's always something ...

I've been trying to get a really nice image gallery, but this is proving quite difficult. The basic Image Gallery is not too bad, but when I configured the "zero-point" theme, all the titles promptly disappeared! Bah humbug. Back to the drawing-board! I eventually built and added a "stator" view, which does the trick reasonably nicely (you will see this on the Static Gallery view), but now, if you click on a photo to see it published size, all the back-links will take you back to the default Gallery. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Setting up this new site

Good evening all! Yes, I'm the Webmaster of this new site - I'm known to some as "Timelord", and to others as "Ebony Bull", but I got fed up trying to shoe-horn all our "pet" photos and such things into my main motorsport site Shannon Sports IT so I've set this brand new site up for - well, just about anything under the sun!

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